Sixteen Slovene destinations are included in this Top 100 listing, under the umbrella of ‘Slovenia Green Destinations’: Žalec, Laško, Radlje ob Dravi, Idrija, Kamnik, Cerkno, Celje Rogla – Zreče, Velenje, Nova Gorica,  Maribor, Kranjska Gora, Bela krajina, Slovenj Gradec, Brda, Ptuj. They all participate in the ‘Slovenia Green’ programme of the Slovenian Tourism Board.

The Slovenian Tourist Board is committed to make green and sustainable the watchwords that permeate its every activity in the future. Its mission in the field of green tourism is to inform stakeholders about the significance of climate change and its impacts on tourism, along with any changes in the market, and to encourage action to be taken towards adapting to climate change and mitigating it. The main strategic focuses of green tourism most certainly include the active focus of tourism on the green economy, providing information and encouragement for the tourism industry to develop green business models, encouragement for destinations to set up sustainable development models based on sustainability indicators, and raising the awareness of tourists, thus helping them to focus on a more sustainable lifestyle and a friendlier attitude towards their own environment. In order to enhance the implementation of green tourism, the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism Slovenia Green was developed. The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) is a system that combines all sustainable development efforts under the umbrella brand SLOVENIA GREEN, it enables comparisons with other green destinations around the world, and adds national character, which makes it possible to more easily position of green Slovenia on the global map.